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HANA XSA builder issue

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Hi ..

We need help to deploy builder in new organization.

Step 1 We created new organization(Say - Org1) in HANA XSA. and created space(Test) under new organization(Org1).

Step 2 - we create project in HANA xs webide.pointing to space under new org we manually created

Step 3 - Under project settings ->Space -> install builder failing with below issue.

(Project Space Builder) Could not install the builder. (Project Space Builder) Starting the builder deployment in space Test...Checking the builder status in the required space...Deploy Service is not available in space for user orgname not found The builder deployment has finished with status: UNKNOWN in space Test.

Could you please help to install builder in the new created organization.(may be any software component to be deployed?)

PS - Install builder works good with default organization -orgname(got this org with installation)


Sampath R

Active Contributor
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Can you confirm your new organization or space is mapped to a tenant db in XS advanced cockpit?

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Hi Sreekanth,

Yes.. We already mapped new organization and space to TenantDB. Still same issue

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Hi guys, any solution for this problem?