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Hana Smart Data Integration load a csv file

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Hi All,

I have a requirement to load the csv file with tab delimiter to hana using smart data integration.

Currently i am creating a virtual table to load the csv file to hana table using the below syntax and some how the column delimiter highlighted is not correct and all the data is not separated correctly as expected and all the data is displaying in one column.

is the column_delimeter for tab is correct as below ?


AT "TextFiles"."<NULL>"."<NULL>"."/dir/path" REMOTE PROPERTY 'dataprovisioning_parameters'= '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?> <Parameters>

<Parameter name="FORMAT">CSV</Parameter>


<Parameter name="FORCE_FILENAME_PATTERN">Test%.csv</Parameter>

<Parameter name="ROW_DELIMITER">\n</Parameter>

<Parameter name="COLUMN_DELIMITER">/t</Parameter>

<Parameter name="SKIP_HEADER_LINES">1</Parameter>

<Parameter name="QUOTED_TEXT_CONTAIN_ROW_DELIMITER">false</Parameter>

<Parameter name="COLUMN">colname1;NVARCHAR(100)</Parameter>

<Parameter name="COLUMN">colname2;;NVARCHAR(100)</Parameter>


Please advise and thank you in advance.

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