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/hana/shared volume full and growing quickly

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/hana/shared volume full and growing quickly What is the reason for this.?



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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi kumu94 

This issue usually happens when you don't perform regular full instance backups and don't reclaim the log space. This can be caused by a large backup catalog or a high frequency of log backups.

You can check SAP Notes:

1946592 - The number of log backup grows very fast

2083715 - Analyzing log volume full situations

2096851 - Backup Catalog Housekeeping within HANA DB

2263886 - Very large log backups caused by large log backup catalog


You can find in SAP HANA Administration Guide chapter "5.2.7 Housekeeping for Backup Catalog and Backup Storage".

When you create a Full Instance Backup, the logbackups and logsegments are consumed by the backup.


Next Step:

Please check if there are many log backup files in this path. If yes, you can temperately move these files to other folder. As long as you have performed a latest instance backup, you can delete these log files.
Afterwards follow the steps below:


- Perform a Full Instance Backup of SAP HANA System;

- IMPORTANT: Be aware that the next steps are instructions to remove old backup from your SAP HANA System and Operational System;

- Go to SAP HANA Studio -> Backup -> Backup Catalog. In this screen you should select a date to remove all old backup before that date;

- Select the “Data Backup” and right click -> Delete Older Backups -> Select “Catalog and Backup Location” and check the option “File System” -> Next (see the list of files) -> Finish (This process should take several minutes);


2)After remove old backup files, please follow the steps:

- Perform a Full Instance Backup of your SAP HANA System;

- Delete old backups from SAP HANA Studio -> Backup -> Backup Catalog;

- Go to Administration -> Configuration -> search log_mode in Filter -> update log_mode to "overwrite"

- Run the query in your environment: ALTER SYSTEM RECLAIM LOG;

- Perform a new Full Instance Backup of your SAP HANA System;


Keep performing this steps until the partitions stop to fill.


Remember to roll back log_mode to "normal" after all the steps.  Let me know if you have any question or if you require any further assistance.

Kind Regards
Nidhi Singh
SAP Business One Support