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HANA SAP BW Integration

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I have a couple queries regarding  SAP BW integration with HANA.

Is there a way of replicating BW Models(Infoobjects,DSO) into SAP HANA without using DXC.?

Does DXC only helps me in replicating BW models but not data corresponding to the models.?

When i replicate BW model like infoobjects to HANA,it creates an analytic view,with underlying tables and if i use Data services to read data for

that infoobject through openhub destination only aggregated data can be read,but not data pertaining to tables that makeup the info how

do i solve this issue?

Greatly appreciate your help.



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Hi Kaushik,

DXC is the extraction process which bypasses the normal data flow and sends data from the source SAP Business suite system to SAP HANA and provides data models into SAP HANA. After the extraction process, an In-memory Datastore object (IMDSO) is generated which consists of several tables and an activation mechanism. The active data tables are the basis for for building data models in SAP HANA.

There are two ways of getting BW data into HANA.

  1. Using BODS ETL tool
  2. Using Import option from HANA studio.

For the above second option, We can Import SAP Netweaver BW objects and those are SAP HANA-optimized DatStore objects, Infocubes, and Query snapshot InfoProviders and these objects are imported as SAP HANA information models and can be used for reporting.

Below tables shows what happens when SAP BW objects get imported into SAP HANA and their equivalent model in SAP HANA.

SAP BW objectEquivalent SAP HANA Model
DataStore ObjectAnalytic view (same name as DataStore Object)
InfoCube ObjectAnalytic view and Calculation view
InforProviderAnalytiv view
Analysis AuthorizationsAnalytic Privileges

Pain Areas:

  1. After the extraction process, in order to reflect changes made to BW models in SAP HANA generated models, you need to re-import the models.
  2. CKF and RKF are not imported and you need to create Calculated Measures and Restricted Measures respectively.