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HANA Public Cloud CDS View - Consume Standard Table

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Completely new to HANA Public Cloud.

Is there any way to consume a SAP standard table in a custom CDS view (using eclipse and ADT) in SAP HANA Public Cloud? We have a basic CDS views that looks as follows in a HANA On-Premise system. 



Would we be able to set this up in Public Cloud or are we restricted to only consume views that SAP has released already? Is it possible to consume the data in a standard table by creating a new custom table?

Or is it a case where if the table data is not available in a released view we simply cannot consume it in a CDS view? This will be a big change from on-premise where we are used to viewing table data via SE16 etc. 





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Please see this blog that provides more insights on developer extensibility in SAP S/4HANA public cloud.

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