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HANA modeling - Dynamic filter in change in a value

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Hi, I will need your advice on one of the requirements trending report, couldn't get an idea on how to model this in HANA.

Below example data in the table,

Data has to be filtered and shown based on user selection, Input parameter/variables are Date and Change in Rating value. Date variable is on the column Date from the table, ‘Change in Rating’ is not a fixed value as column from the table. It is the change in the rating value with respect to each Equipment and Measuring Point combination with in the period of time user inputs.

For example, Input parameters for report

Date : Jan 1 2016 to Dec 31, 2016

Change in the rating: 3

For EQ1 and MP1, Lower value : May 1st 2016 Rating which is 2, Higher value: Oct 1st 2016 rating which is 5,

The change in rating is 3. All the records for this EQ1 and MP1 should be displayed.

For EQ1 and MP2, Change in rating is 1, so it should not displayed in the result set.

So The expected result for the output 3 records of EQ1 and MP1.

Basically I will have to derive the change in rating value dynamically by considering the user input and get the closest lower and higher ratings for that period. Should it require SQL procedure to achieve it? Can it be done in BO reporting? Please advise.

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