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HANA MDC 2.0 for Trial (Cloud Foundry)

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Hello everyone,

it is possible to create an HANA MDC 2.0 on the Cloud Fondry as we known from the NEO environment for Trial account?

If I consult the official documentation i can only find this option for enterprise accounts. It this true? If yes, is there any planning to make it available for trial accounts (which automatically shut down after 1 day as in NEO).


Best regards,


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Accepted Solutions (1)


Hello Manjinder,

Yes currently it is not possible to create a tenant of HANA like how we do on NEO. And we only provide the possibility to create a service instance of type 'hanatrial' to bind to applications that you create on Cloud Foundry.

As for your feedback, I will definitely take this back to the team.

We will make an announcement if the current status quo changes.



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I'm using node.js and I have deployed my application (on a trial accound of the cloud foundry) that request a HANA database using the hdb driver. When I bind my application to the hanatrial instance, I'm able to connect, send a query like "select 'toto' from dummy", but it's not possible to create a table : I have not the rights...

Please, note that the node.js app is connected to the hanatrial instance (without any information about the schema or databasename) using this code :

var host = VCAP_SERVICES.hanatrial[0];

var port = VCAP_SERVICES.hanatrial[0].credentials.port;

var user = VCAP_SERVICES.hanatrial[0].credentials.hdi_user;

var password = VCAP_SERVICES.hanatrial[0].credentials.hdi_password;

var hdb = Hdb.createClient({ host: host, port: port, user: user, password: password });

hdb.connect(function(error) { if(! error) { ...

Thanks you


PS : If I add the databaseName in the connection string, impossible to connect...

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Excuse me, if it correct for trial than you have no rights for creating tables using node.js (module 'hdb')? I have the same situation and I am looking for answer for a long time. Can this situation be solved, can I get rights to operate my HANA service in Cloud Foundry (so as I can operate my HANA trial without using Cloud Foundry, just opening tunnel using Neo, and with 'hdb' module in my node.js application)?

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