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HANA Express - SDI Monitoring Issues

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I've been trying to monitor SDI through the HANA cockpit but I seem to be running into some issues.

When I try to click any of the "Smart Data Integration" options under the cockpit, nothing happens. I dug into it a bit further by opening up developer tools and found the below error:

I looked at the "Smart data integration help" link and found that the correct port should be 80XX, where XX is the instance number. I then used that link with the 80XX port and found the below error:

I verified that my dpserver service is up and running, and was able to verify that the dpagent was in the "CONNECTED" status. My SDI is installed under the tenant database that comes with HANA Express (HXE).

Has anybody encountered this issue before? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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First I think we should determine whether it is a connection problem or a missing web app in HANA. Do you have any issue when you try to access the XSC Catalog? That is found at http://<hana host>:80xx/sap/hana/ide/catalog

If you can load that page and login, then I think you might just need to reimport the DP DU with HANA Lifecycle Management. That DU will deploy 4 monitors and add some features to the Editor so flowgraphs and reptasks can be created.

DU download and install instructions


Jeff K