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HANA DB Backup scheduling in DB13 fails with error

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We are scheduling the HANA DB backup using DB13, which returns with

immediate error as below. please suggest.

"Execution of the Command:

backup data all using file


On host: OSS01-MAP-195

Command failed

insufficient privilege: Not authorized

:Exception CX_DBA_ADBC in class CL_HDB_ADBC methodEXEC_DDL line 23

: Kernel Error ID:

: WP ID: 17

: WP PID: 5932



: SQL statement: backup data all using file ('/usr/sap/SHD/HDB01/backu

: p/data/COMPLETE_DATA_BACKUP_04_04')

: Database: DEFAULT

:caused by


: Kernel ErrorID:

: DB Error: Yes

: SQL Code: 258

: SQL Message: insufficient privilege: Not authorized

: DB Object Exists: No

: Duplicated Key: No

: Internal Error: 1

: Invalid Cursor: No

: Unknown Connection: No

: Connection Closed: No

Exception CX_DBA_ADBC in class CL_HDB_ADBC method line 30

Job finished"



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Answers (3)

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When using DBACOCKPIT to schedule backups, please refer to Note #2164096 firstly.

Also, from your error you are receiving a privileges error.

To see what privilege you are missing you can run the following authorisation trace in HANA first:

1) Please run the following statement in the HANA database to set the DB  trace: alter system alter configuration ('indexserver.ini','SYSTEM') SET ('trace','authorization')='info' with reconfigure;

2) Reproduce the issue/execute the command again/

3) When the execution finishes please turn off the trace as follows in the Hana studio: alter system alter configuration ('indexserver.ini','SYSTEM') unset   ('trace','authorization') with reconfigure;

This trace file will show you the exact privilege you are missing.

Kind Regards,


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If the solution is not yet available:

1) User does not have privilege:

insufficient privilege: Not authorized   --> Just Grant BACKUP_ADMIN system privilege to the user

2) In the Command you have to give only Backup Prefix not the absolute path:

backup data using file ('COMPLETE_DATA_BACKUP_04_04');

is correct command.


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Hi Sadanad,

We are using DB13 to schedule the backup for HANA Database

so which user are you suggesting needs to be granted the BACKUP_ADMIN provilege?

I beleive when we schedule the backup via DB13 the back is launched on HANA under the DBACOCKPIT user and I already checked this user has the DBA_COCKPIT ROLE with BACKUP_ADMIN privilege

Please note the backups were running fine until about a few days after they were set from DB13

We have not changed any setup



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We have found the issue and here are some quick ways to check and resolve the issue:

1. Check the user under which the DBACockpit is connected to SAP HANA from the

DBACockpit-->Current Status-->Overview

Look for the Top left corner and you should find the USER indicated after the SID

2. Check if this user has the right authentication to perform a backup

connect to HANA Studio and check if the user from Step1 has the BACKUP_ADMIN privileges

3. You can also check tcode DBCO to identify which user is being used to connect to the SAP HANA Database, if there is no indication of a particular user mapped to the SID in DBCO it means DBACockpit is using SAPSID to connect to the SAP HANA Database

In our case we identified the user did not have the right privilege

We had to remove that user from DBCO to ensure the connection is established using the SAPSID

Do let me know if you have any questions



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Hi Vinay,

Have you been abl to find a solution to this error?