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HANA Database does not start after failed takeover

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We are running SAP HANA 122.08 on Suse 11.4 (IBM Power ppc64)
We are using system replication , in ASYNCRONOUS mode to replication sapqa2hana1 (primary) to sapqa2hana2 (Secondary).

Last Friday, we perfromed a failover from the secondnary sapqa2hana2, using the hdbnsutil command, during the failover the hdbinxserver crashed, generated dump files, the secondary database could not be resarted.

Therefore we disabled the replication , unregistered the database.

The primary database is now up and running, but the secodnary database could not start ; the indexserver crashes whenever we try to start it ... even though the replication has been disabled.

I have killed all hdb processes at the OS level , cleansed the semaphores, cleansed /tmp.

Did not help

There are several sap notes dealing with Asynchronous replication issues, but none of those notes apply to the recent SAP HANA 122.08 release.

I then double check the logs, what is preventing the datbase from restarting is the following error, contantly bein repetaed. According to sap note 2455763 - System replication takeover failed with error Invalid logical page number, the corrections are already included in our database

23: 0x00000fff84a9af3c in TrexThreads::PoolThread::run()+0x8fc at PoolThread.cpp:389 (
24: 0x00000fff84a9c900 in TrexThreads::PoolThread::run(void*&)+0x20 at PoolThread.cpp:164 (
Possible root cause:
exception 1: no.3020031 (DataAccess/PageAccess/impl/LogicalPageAccessImpl.cpp:673)
Page 0xa7ab65L not found.; $owner$=[undodir]; $patype$=Default
exception throw location:

I have attached the indexserver dump file generated whenever I try to restart the database


Any help would be appreciated.


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Hello Raoul,

Have you been able to resolve this issue ?

If not, Kindly check the below sap note .