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Hana Cloud Connector v/s Web Dispatcher (reverse proxy) for HCI to ECC Connectivity

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Hello Everyone ,

I am confused between choosing the two for setting up communication between C4C --> HCI --> ECC(On-Premise).

What are the benefit of using SCC(Hana Cloud Connector) or Web Dispatcher as both are SAP products .

If we have web dispatcher in place(ECC on Premise) should we use SCC or manage with Web Dispatcher as i have  read that SCC  has benefits over Web Dispatcher.

Also how choosing from above depends upon the Product Profile of SAP Hana Cloud Integration .

Thanks In Advance !

Ankit Kesarwani

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Hi Ankit,

Hana cloud connection (SCC) has benifit over Web dispatcher, it uses reverse proxy (RP) as a single entry point gateway for all connection.

Major advantages compared to the traditional RP setup are:

  • No need to open any ports in firewall
  • Easy configuration
  • Increased level of security

But as you already have the Web dispatcher in your landscape it is worth considering the Web dispatcher for the connection. you can consider the option based on

  • How Many Cloud product or internet system will be integrating with On premise system
  • What is the effort of setting up new SCC vs effort of opening ports and firewall