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HANA Calculation View poor performance with COUNT(*)

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We've calculation view which combines transaction data with master data attribute tables using LEFT OUTER JOIN. Transaction data table has approx. 800+ million records. If I run COUNT(*) on transaction data table, it returns the result in less than 3 sec. If I perform COUNT(*) on calculation view, it runs forever and fails with memory allocation. It seems like COUNT(*) is done after selecting entire dataset (800+ million records) and executing all JOINS.

Has anyone come across similar issue and any pointers for performance improvement with COUNT(*)?



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This question lacks all the relevant detail information. How does the calculation model look like? What are the differences in the PlanViz for both query variants? What HANA version are you using? Has the join cardinality been defined for the LEFT OUTER join?

To me, it looks like no research into this problem has been done so far.

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