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HANA Calculation View Activation takes very long / memory overflow

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Hi all,

when trying to activate a HANA Calculation View which uses 2 other calculation views (based on external views on BW DSOs), the status "Running" in the lower right of the HANA Studio (or Eclipse) stays for very long (more than 10 minutes) and I observe high CPU consumption on my PC for hdbstudio.exe (or eclipse.exe).

Often, I also get the warning, that an OutOfMemoryError occured and that hdbstudio.exe needs to be closed. If working with Eclipse, then eclipse.exe is simply closed after some time (probably also due to OutOfMemoryError)...

I configured -Xmx parameter with 2 GB (and even tested 3 GB).

The calculation view is not used anywhere else, that is it is not a "child view" in any other calculation view.

Where and how can I check, where the activation process "looses" the time? Is it possible to somehow track/debug, what the activation is actually doing?

I am using Eclipse 4.7 with HANA Tools 2.3.34. We use the HANA as the database for a BW on HANA system and we want to leverage mixed-mode modelling scenarios, where we

Any help is much appreciated.

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I answered a similar question recently -->Is-there-any-particular-reason-why-hana-views-take-long-time-to-activate

Check if you have similar symptoms. Hope this helps.