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HANA Audit log (DML) for a specific table

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In HANA DB, how can track the modifications (e.g DELETE) on a specific table?

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You can enable HANA audit log to track all the DML modifications (e.g DELETE, UPDATE, INSERT, etc) on a specific table by following below steps.
Below steps are for HANA Studio, you can use HANA Cockpit to achieve it as well.

1. logon to the target HANA DB
2. go to Security -> double click "Security"
3. Change "Auding Status" to "Enabled" and set proper "Audit Trail Target", e.g "Database Table".
4. Create new HANA audit policy by providing proper information.
 -Policy name
 -Policy Status: "Enabled"
 -Audited Actions: Data Query and Manipulation, e.g DELETE, INSERT, UPDATE, etc.
 -Audited Action status: ALL or SUCCESSFUL
 -Users: optional
 -Target Object: specify the target table you want to audit.
5. Save the audit policy (Click "Deploy (F8))