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HANA Aggregation skipping lines

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Greetings Experts,

I have a query regarding HANA aggregations. Currently, I am aggregation some amounts based on the Vendor Id and Vendor name.

From the business perspective I am expecting a total of 77 records, but when as I debugged I noticed that it is skipping three records,

Aggregating only 74.

See the image attached below

After searching, I noticed that It is skipping the three records. There are a few records that have the same amount. HANA is only choosing one of each, whereas the correct business behavior is to choose all three even if they have the same amount. See image below:

The three values hightlighted are skipped. Is there a workaround or a property that will not allow it to skip or is it just a design constraint?

Thank you for your help,


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Answers (2)

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while creating a calculation with Aggregation view I had added the Amt column using the add output option and the result set was,

Prod_id   Amt

1          10

2          10

3          10

4          10

When we used add as aggregate then the aggregation took place and the result for two amount fields of 10 for product id 1 was,

Prod_id  Amt

1    20

2    10

3    10

4    10

when we add it simply as output no aggregation takes place, when we add it as aggregated column only then the aggregation took place.

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One of the examples,

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Hi Luis,

Is it a single table aggregation?

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No, this is the result of a join of two tables. One workaround I tried is to give attach each amount to its unique key and then remove it before aggregation. But this gives me some decimal mismatches so I am hesitant to utilize it.

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Are you trying it in Calculation or Analytical view?

Just a work around did you try Projection? It also provides the same result as aggregation.

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It's done in a calculation view.