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GUI Error "NOT_SUPPORTED_BY_GUI" while download Excel file from Webdynpro application

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Hi Experts,

We are building a Webdynpro application to migrate the master data and the requirement is also to list out the data into an excel file and will be saved into the user's defined file path. 

Here the approach is when the user clicks the download button, then the key data will be sent to a custom Function module (RFC) where the whole data determination and writing the excel field data are managed. Also, the data will be downloaded as an excel file format to the user defined file path. 

Here, we used the standard method CL_GUI_FRONTEND_SERVICES-> which leads to a run-time error as "Exception condition "NOT_SUPPORTED_BY_GUI" . With the help of other threads we came to know this GUI method should not be used in the web application or called from the web browser. 

We need your help to provide any other technical solution to download the excel file from the function module (not from the Webdynpro method but from the Web application ).

Also, need your help to write the serial number/index number by counting based on the rows of the data while moving from the internal table to the final table using inline declaration statement (instead of using loop statement and count by each line). 

Thank you for your help. 

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