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GTS Billing document of orders that are blocked should be prevented

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Hi GTS Gurus:

I am trying to find a way to prevent billing documents from created if its sales order document is blocked by GTS. Seems like that I have 2 choices, either use billing document user exit or use VOFM routines. I looked note 579357, it contains example code to stop delivery from being created. Can I use the same example in note 579357 to stop billing document from being created? If so, which routine in VOFM should I use?


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Hi Jim,

All the orders relevant for Compliance/Customs/Risk check will be passed on to GTS. If the check turns to be positive, then the subsequent order will be blocked for delivery and hence billing cannot happen.

Are you looking for to activate this for order related billing and not delivery related billing scenarios?


Sathees G

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I am also looking at this. How do you prevent sales order related invoices from being generated?