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GTM 2LIS_46_ITM extraction

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Hi all! I'm having a kind of a business issue when trying to extract data from 2lis_46_itm to BW. I'm using OLIG and OLIGBW to fill setup tables but there are certain documents/contracts I can see in tables WBHK and WBHI that are not extracted when testing datasource in RSA3.

I've seen a message saying that these extractores just take care of "contract type is relevant for the BW update" so I wonder who and how defines contract types relevant for BW update.

Anyone can help?

Thanks a lot!

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Hi Martin ,

I'm facing another kind of issue . When running this transaction I get the message that GTM is not active for BW.

All datasources are activated . Can you tell me if you needed to perform some specific actions in order to get this transaction up and running

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Martin,

go to GTM customizing by calling transactiojn WB2B_CUS. Choose Trading Contract->Define Trading Conract Type. Pick a Trading Contract type and change the BW relevants to 2 - Always update BW data.

Afterwards you should run the report to initialize the data source OLGIW (without asso network) or OLILBW (with asso Network).

In my opinion, you shoud change it, if you need it. My be there is also a gtm consultant who might want to know about the change or do it be himselve.



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Thanks a lot Peter!

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