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GRTransactionDataResults has failed to upload because of an error in the plugin service

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Hi Experts,

I have this situation below

Scenario: Loading Group Reporting from S/4HANA Cloud to SAC

Note we finished the below set up:

1. The communication system and communication arrangement in S/4HC with (SAP_COM_0348, 0370, 0065)

2. The S/4HC to SAC connection via acquired data.

When importing the data from group reporting transaction via service GRTransactionDataResults / API_GRTRANSACTIONDATA_SRV, it fails with error "GRTransactionDataResults has failed to upload because of an error in the plugin service"

When trouble shooting, I noticed that the API service has mandatory parameters which does not translate to SAC as filters. I suspect that is the issue.

Any tips on how to resolve this issue?

This happens when creating a model out of this service and loading into the created model.

We tried to use the live connection, using queries 2CCCSMATRIXRPT10Q/C_Consolidation10Q and 2CCCSMATRIXRPT30Q/C_Consolidation30Q, however live connection presented issues like unrealistic slowness in the story as well as unsupported functions like creating measure (cross calculations) etc.

It seems it is very challenging to load from this area (Consolidation / Group Reporting) of SAP finance to SAC, anyone got a success?



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Very interested as well. Would be great to have a blog or something with more in-dept information about the combination of SAC and Group Reporting:

- Best practises (live or import connection)

- Steps to connect (both On Premise and Cloud)

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Hello sir,

How did you solve this problem? I'm facing the same problem when I try to load the transaction data into the Group Reporting SAC Content.