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Group values on Barchart - Please help Urgent

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I am plotting a bar chart.

I am plotting chart "on change of" first group name.and showing 3 values which i get in formulas.

I had to place these formulas in lowest level of subgroup just above the details ( i don`t need any details).

i am getting all the values properly.

But it is plotting the graph with group A values as group B values.

In other words,

on starting group all the 3 values will be zeros.By the end of this group (after details) i will get 3 values.

I want to plot chart with these values as starting group values.

But as took "on change of" group name it is plotting zeros initially and the result of group A as the result of Group B and so on.

Please help me how can i plot chart after a group is evaluated.

I placed my chart in report header

Please help me .


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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If i understood you correctly,

You want to have a graph which has several blocks and each block represent one group.!!!!

To do this, I have used chart expert

The group values is assigned to a formula instead of directly using it.

in the data table of chart expert, add the formulae.

if you have confusion use preview mode. you will get more info.

Make sure if you have selected the right options of chart to get the desired format.!!!!!



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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I am using bar Chart ( side by side bar chart).

This time i would like to explain in more detailed.Please find my layout and preview as pictures in the following links.



I want show msx3 in the bar chart .so first i initialized it to zero and counted all the records which suits my criteria and showing the same value in the bar against that group.( i am explaining with one formula msx3 only..anyway remaining are similar).

This value is initially zero and will give a count number at the end of this Group #1 Name ( plz see pictures).

My problem is i have take "On change of" Group# 1 Name in the data of chart expert and showing the formulas ( with don`t Summarize option checked).

It is giving me the result properly but plotting the values of first iteration ( when the first time the group is evaluated) ans result of second iteration.I understand this is because of "on change of " option ,when it is plotting all the values will be zeros.

I have to plot the chart with values after evaluating the group #1 but not before evaluating it.

Please give me any idea over it.I am not an expert and it is urgent.

Please help.



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Can you tell me which type of bar chart you selected?

As per my understanding your chart should be placed in report footer.

To avoid zeroes

- the axis where it is showing zeroes Data axis options-Scales tab - uncheck Always include zero option



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I am using Bar chart ( side by side bar char chart ).

Chart is same if i un check "include zeros" and no difference if i place the chart in report header or footer.

Any more ideas please ?