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Dear Friends ,

1) How to Hide A group in a view and how to show on click event of a button.

2) How to Capture the data of TEXT edit. which is enter by user, on click of button.

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To Hide a Goup :

For that Group, In properties bind a Attribute in Visibility property { Arrtibute type should be wdui_visibility }.


use the method set_attributr_peoperty of interdace if_wd_context_element.

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As mentioned by Gopi in previous reply. Bind the UI element group Visiblity property to a context attribute of type BOOLEAN and set the context attribute Accordingly on button click event. You can also set the default value to context attribute if you want to set that invisible first time.

You can get the text entered by the user on text edit by reading the context attribute which you have bind to the UI.



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1) Every group has an attribute Visible, so bind a value to it (GRP_VIS TYPE WDY_BOOLEAN)

upon clicking the button pass GRP_VIS = 'X' which means its visible

Use an another button to hide it by passing GRP_VIS = '' which means its invisible.

2) bind a value of type STRING to it and u can get the data of the text edit into the string.



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Although you can use booleans in visibility, it is worth noting that there is a specific visibility type, which I would recommend that you used when hiding/making visible elements.

Have a look at this thread where it is discussed