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griddisplay issue

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I have been given the task to create application in WebDynpro for Abap based of the project written in WebDynpro for Java.

The gui should be the same in both Abap and Java applications.

And i have problem with Layouts. In Java app we have got ColumnLayout Transparent cointainer with 3 columns count (in each we have got label and inputbox/checkbox/...). And based on same data from SAP each of this field can be made invisible or visible.

In this configuration if one of elements is invisible all the rest are moved and there is no empty spots.

I will show it in example:

We have got this layout (elx being the inputboxes...)

el1 el2 el3

el4 el5 el6

When in some case only el2 el5 and el6 must be displayed and we set visible property to 'none' for the rest of elems: 1,3,4) in Java in looks like this (only one row is displayed which is great):

el2 el5 el6

When i try to do it with gridlayout container(there is no columnlayout in WDABAP) in ABAP then the empty spaces left (even though visibility property is set to 'none' which should take any space on screen.

On example given above we have in ABAP 2 rows with empty spaces:


el5 el6

Is there any way to fix it? maybe some properties? Or maybe this is just another bug?...



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Answers (2)

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Thanks for info.

I've got one :


-> TABStrip

-> Tab Transparent Container (which has got gridLayout right now)

The problem with matrix is that the only way to make new row is to set MAtrixHeadData to GUI element. And i don't know which one should be displayed in first row (each of input can be visible/invisible)...

I guess GridLayout is the only one that i can use...



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What is the layout that you have specifiedfor ROOTUICONTAINER...are all the input elements directly under this ROOT or any other Transparent container/group/tray..ahve you used.

The problem can be solved when you use the proper layout..

Try to use GRID or MATRIX layout...automatic layout adjustments are done using layout...Most effective to use is MATRIX. can you test this out..

when you use GRID you need to specify the columns to be displayed, MATRIX has head and data sections...

references to standard examples