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GP: Display Collable Object, what does it do exactly?

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Hi all,

does anyone remember what a Display Collable Object is good for? You can add it to an action (in addition to the Execution Callable Object).

So what is the purpose of the Display Collable Object?

Could it be, and that's my own guess, just any kind of CO you define, which will be performed when you return to the respective action, once you have finished it earlier?

And then, does it have access to any parameters in GP context?

I mean, if I use the same CO as Display CO and Execution CO and having them acccessing the same data, the display CO could serve as a history record of processed steps, right?



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Hi Xiaoi,

your suggestions are absolutely correct.

You should just take in mind, if you put the same CO, which you have attached in execute mode into the display mode and lets say it is a WebDynpro Comp. with process controls buttons (GP Interface), you will also see the buttons in the display mode (when returning to the executed step) and by pressing them, GP will through an error, because the object is already executed (=locked).



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Hi Salvadore,

thank you for the quick response.

I see your point that using the same CO might not work.

Creating a display CO for each step, similar to the execution CO but without the process controls items would of course mean additonal efforts.



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Hi Kiaoi,

You can use the same Callable Object for both when using one WebDynpro implementing our interface. You just have to check within your application in what mode it runs (execute/display). And depending on that show/hide buttons, or gray out fields.