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GOS File Attachment Count

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Hi ,

I want know T-Code wise how many GOS file in content server.for example ME23N,FB03..i already try with "SRGBTBREL" this table and Type :BUS2012 & Category : BO is for PO, i need which table have relationship ,BUS2012 for ME23N T-Code Only.

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Actually if you look at Business Object BUS2012 with transaction SWO1 you will find a list of methods, one should be PurchaseOrder.Display and is attached (double-click) to ABAP4 FM ME_DISPLAY_PURCHASE_DOCUMENT (and not to transaction ME23n, look at tabe SWOTV for abap type = 'T' in recent versions..) and the FM will then execute some transactions (hardcoded in its source) such as ME23n, ME22n or ME33K...

You could also look at transactions called by the program associated with the BO but wont be so easy try to check for RBUS2012.

I wont expect a single standard table to link a BO type with a single TCODE, so IMHO you should keep with BO and just add BO description to your report.