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Goods receipt error

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While posting goods receipt error for production order getting error that posting can not be done because status NoMP active in sales order line item (message BS051, status NoMP is active). Sales order line item has NoMP and Cstd status active. Is this error occuring because of some linkage with material master in production order header? Kindly help to resolve this issue. 


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Hello @Sevak 

NoMP status has an internal code of I0235 - table TJ02T:


I0235 status blocks goods receipt against a production order - transaction BS23:


That is why you can't post goods receipt against a production order that links to a sales order item with NoMP statuts. 

Also see the note 2492002 - Why System Status NoMP is set in sales order

I think the root cause of your problem is that NoMP status is set in the sales order item. You need to investigate that with SD colleagues.

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski

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Hi Dominik, Thanks for you quick response on this. Problem is that we have another production order which is created for same sales order line item but here we don't get any error. Not sure if issue is with production order. Also observed that for successful case when posting GR don't see account assignment tab in MIGO-GR screen while in case of error I do see tab of account assignment filled with sales order line item.