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Goods Movement Create_v1

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I'm implementing an interface utilizing the GoodsMovementERPWithReferenceCreateRequestConfirmation_In_V1 ES Service Interface and was wondering where I could find documentation on which BaseBusinessTransactionDocumentID should be used for Receiving Return Deliveries?

I am currently about to receive normal Inbound Deliveries with BaseBusinessTransactionDocumentID = 58.

Has someone used this ES Solution for goods receipts with reference to Returns?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I only used GoodsMovementERPCreateRequestConfirmation_In_V1

(without reference to business document)

I had a look at message and data type definition of your service.

BaseBusinessTransactionDocumentID has minLength=1 and maxLength=35.

I would suppose this is the number of your individual business document you want to refer to.

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Hi Roland,

I must have posted wrong.

I am using the BaseBusinessTransactionDocumentID to store the return Delivery Number I am referencing, but receiving an error due to the BaseBusinessTransactionDocumentTypeCode.

Please see the codes that I have tried below. None are working for this transaction. Was wondering if anyone knows which BaseBusinessTransactionDocumentTypeCode should be used to perform a 101 goods movement for a return delivery.

(32) Customer Return A request made by the customer for the seller to take back goods that have been delivered, and to cancel the sale.

(58) Inbound Delivery A composition of the goods that is received by a product recipient.

(283) Goods Return (please refer to documentation of the object)

(1563)Customer Return Confirmed Inbound Delivery A confirmation that a certain composition of goods has actually been returned by a customer.

(1565) Own Goods Return Confirmed Inbound Delivery A confirmation that a certain composition of own goods has actually been returned by a product recipient.

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Is there anyone out there that can help with this issue?

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Perhaps you could post the request message you tried and the response with the error.

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For the deprecated service GoodsMovementWithReferenceCreateRequestConfirmation_in I discovered this at

Only the following values are allowed for BaseBusinessTransactionDocumentTypeCode:

  • 58 (InboundDelivery)
  • 73 (OutboundDelivery)
  • 382 (CustomerReturnsDelivery)

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Hi Christina,

have you tried 382?



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Hi Roland,

Yes! 382 worked for me, but due to a localization design we need the item data present as we have item level data

We are looking to bypass the "Posting GoodsMvmnt. on CustomerReturns Delivery item level is not allowed" error message.

If you know of any suggestions to due so let me know. I also have developers looking in to a fix.

Thanks again for your help!

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Please see the message sent with BaseBusinessTransactionDocumentTypeCode = 32.

BaseBusinessTransactionDocumentID = Return Delivery Number.

<n0:GoodsMovementERPWithReferenceCreateRequest_sync_V1 xmlns:n0="">
    <n1:ZPedimento  xmlns:n1="">

Please see error message received below. I've tried the different codes listed in my previous comment and they give the error  below as well.







<Note>Goods movement not possible for BTDs with Base-BTD Type Code 32</Note>