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Giving out a variable for a key figure

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I want to have a variable for a number, a variable entry of query output screen. Can I do that?

Heres the exact description of the requirement.

I have got a key figure in a query.

Now I want to return a value 1 if >X and 0 if value <X.

So can i have a variable for this X, to be eneterd by user.

Please revert for any clarification in this regard.

Thanks in advance.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Naveen,

create a new calculated key figure. Within this key figure, you create a formular variable X of type user entry. The formular for the key figure will just be:

Query Key Figure > X

You can find the > in the formular editor under Boolean Operators (is greater than).

May be you need a NODIM operation around your Key Figure to get rid of units.

The result is 1 if KeyFigure > X and 0 if Key Figure <= X.

Hope that helps


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