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Ghosts in RF - can't remove Repository Managers or Filters

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I have problem with undeploy/remove/delete a Repository Manager or Repository Filter. To deploy them I'm using PARs (via NWDS or PAR deployer in portal), but when I use Portal Archive Deploer/Remover function for removing them, it's not working correctly.

After remove, PAR disappears from list, but in Repository Managers list I can still found my Repository Manager (works the same way for filter). Of course, I have restarted the whole server after remove. In log I can found errors complaining for missing class of my Repository Manager (when server starts).

I have tried SimpleRepositoryManager example as well and the behaviour is the same. It points to something wrong in configuration, classes are maybe hooked in some additional configuration files, which PAR remover remains intact. Or maybe - I'm doing something wrong.

Using SAP EP 6.0 SP14.

Thank you for some ideas.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Martin,

I have the same problem with removing a Global Service and a repository service. The configuration is not removed when the par file is undeployed.

A possible solution is described here:

<a href=""></a>

Maybe it works for you.

Unfortunately the trick with deploying an empty config file did not work for me.

Maybe there are some name inconsistencies. I am not sure which names have to be equal or consistent (prjconfig, KEY in IRFServiceWrapper, xml file names, ...).

Does anybody knows about this?

Daniel (on SP15)

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Hello Daniel,

thank you for a link, but unfortunately, same resault as for you - it doesn't help me.


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1) remove .par (Administration Console)

2) NetWeaver Developer Studio:<servicename>.cc.xml :set type="singleton"

3) NetWeaver Developer Studio:<servicename>.co.xml :set active to false

4)deploy project

5)remove .par (Administration Console)


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