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Getting user info with integrated dot net app.

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To start, I know nothing about SAP integration. This has been thrown at me to try to resolve.

I need to integrate a dot net app into SAP. I need to know who the user is that is accessing my .ascx page.

I found this:

Dim userInfo As Map = DirectCast(Request.getAttribute(PortletRequest.USER_INFO), Map)

lblUserID.Text = DirectCast(userInfo.[get](""), String)

And This:



<description>User Given Name</description>



Any help would be appreciated, and again, if you can help I will need complete help, because as Sgt Schultz would always say..

I know nooooothing...

Edited by: Raymond Blair on Dec 15, 2008 5:40 PM

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Answers (2)

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Are you looking SAP user info from SAP to your .ascx page,

if so then you can do it easily by using .Net connector and access related ABAP RFC,

otherwise please elaborate more about your problem area.

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Hello Raymond,

For developing .NET applications I would recommend you to evaluate [PDK for .NET|] ( Portal Development Kit for Microsoft .NET ). As a part of its installation, you get documentation integrated into Visual Studio help. It contains a set of very helpful tutorials.

Best Regards,