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Getting the value of one control in another controls event handler in HTMLB

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I am practicing on the error handling in Dynpages using HTMLB. For that i have taken one inputfield and submit button. Value is mandatory for that input field. When i click on submit button i need to check that input field is empty or not in the buttons event handler.

How can i get that input field value in buttons event handler.

note: I am using Dynpages not JSP Dynpages.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi sandeep:

If you want to recover the value of a inputfield, you want to this the next thing:

Example of the input field HTMLB control:

<hbj:inputField id="MY_INPUTFIELD" type="string" maxlength="10" design="SMALL">

Now i think that you has a button that fired an action in the action method you can recover the value of MY_INPUTFIELD:

InputField myInputField = (InputField) getComponentByName("MY_INPUTFIELD");

String value = myInputField.getValue().toString();

it's all.

good luck

<%strFechaEjecucionID = myContext.getParamIdForComponent(FechaEjecucion);%>


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