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Getting "Unable to create data table error" when trying to run Data Cleansing in IS

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I have run a content and column profile on a table that contains address data. I then launched the data cleansing advisor, but after about 5 minutes of running I got the error message "Unable to create data table".

Has anyone else experienced this when trying to do create a data cleansing task for address data?

Thank you

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Hi Vitali,

Things to check:

-Is the DCA service added to the EIMAdaptiveProcessingServer in CMC and is it running without errors?
-Is the dbsrv12 process running successfully? Check Task Manager on Windows or grep for it on Linux.
-Is the port assigned to the DCA database in use by any other process? Check the port number used by DCA in CMC under Applications>Information Steward Application>Configure Data Cleansing Advisor.
-In CMC, confirm your Information Steward license key enables all functionality for Information Steward. A license key that unlocks all IS functionality will be required.

If everything above looks good, you can try rebuilding the DCA database following the steps in Knowledge Base article 2435712 to see if that corrects the behavior.



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Thank you Doug,

I will double check with our basis team and reply back if the above works.