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Getting "Delete session 002 after error 024"

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|09:38:23|DIA| 1|100|02200007 |SM50|R47|Delete session 002 after error 024

Documentation for system log message R4 7 :

The user is deleted after an internal error. The specified error

number has the following meaning:

002: Initialization error 003: Receive error

004: Send error 005: Internal error

006: Storage error 007: Rollin error

008: Rollout error 009: Commit error

010: Semaphore error 011: Signal received

012: Error after restart 013: Error during connect to DB

014: Error during roll init. 015: Error during page init.

016: Error in OS-spec.init. 017: Error in SAP init.

018: Error during rollback 019: SAP-DEXT call

020: Deleted by administrator 021: Terminal output overflow

022: APPC output overflow 023: Work process has been restarted

Above is Sm21 log view of error we are getting.. sessions are being terminated.

when I checked my st02 transaction I saw Nametab table definition was red ie no free space and no free direcotry there. is this error coming becuase of NTAB or I have to check something else too.

Please help users are not able to work at all.



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Answers (2)

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Thanks for reply, but actually yesterday in desparation I restarted SAP Server (stopsap srartsap) I saw NTAb is back to normal again with very normal free direcotry space. and no reported disconnection of sessions too.

but I was seeing tht Ntab postion is again increasing to the alarming condition

So thts why I m now very keen to relation with Ntab buffer settings with session disconnection problem ie Getting "Delete session 002 after error 024"



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Hello Waqas.

I don't believe this error has anything to do with the NAMETAB buffer showing red. The red is "just" to inform you. To prevent this in the future increase the buffersize.

Regarding the error "Delete session 002 afer error 024". I'm not 100% certain, but I believe it has to so something with people losing their connection to SAP without logging off properly (shutting down your PC i.e.).