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Getting Message_TYPE_X Error in Delta Update..

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While trying to run a Delta IP through a process chain, i was endup with message_type_x error. When i try to check the settings of IP again its taking me to the same ABAP Dump.As if now i am in Package SAPKW70016..

The Exact error message is :

What happened?

The current application program detected a situation which really

should not occur. Therefore, a termination with a short dump

was triggered on purpose by the key word MESSAGE (type X).

Information on where terminated

Termination occurred in the ABAP program "SAPLRSS1" - in


The main program was "RSPROCESS ".

In the source code you have the termination point in line 1530

of the (Include) program "LRSS1F11".

The program "SAPLRSS1" was started as a background job.

Job Name....... "BI_PROCESS_LOADING"

Job Initiator.. "ALEREMOTE"

Job Number..... 06222305

Kindly provide me an solution on how to approach the solution of these problem...

Thanks & Regards,


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This info may be of some help.

We may need to make some changes in delta settings.

See this SAP Note providing exact solution. Need to delete some table entries .

Note # 852443.



If a MESSAGE_TYPE_X runtime error occurs in the LRSSMU36 include program in the SAPLRSSM ABAP program of the RSSM_OLTPSOURCE_SELECTIONS function module, proceed as described in the solution below.

This dump occurs if you try to open an InfoPackage for a DataSource/source system combination for which an initialization terminated incorrectly and a new INIT with overlapping selections was executed without the delta-administration being cleaned up.

The dump can also occur if you import a system copy/backup into only one of the two BW/OLTP systems without first deleting all delta queues for this BW/OLTP combination because the delta administration is always inconsistent. In such cases, contact the SAP consulting department.

A similar dump occurs in perform "RSM1_CHECK_FOR_DELTAUPD in the LRSS1F11 include if the source system does not recognize any more inits (the roosprmsc and roosprmsf tables are empty) but if there are still entries in the RSSDLINIT/RSSDLINITSEL tables in the BW system.

This is the same as the problem described in Notes 424848 and 591382.

Other terms


Init, delta queue, system copy, backup, initialization, InfoPackage,



Reason and Prerequisites This problem is caused by a program error.


You can implement this correction only for load times from an OLTP system because transaction RSA7 is used for the delta administration/deletion.

For a DataMart, you may have to delete using transaction SE16 or a native SQL.

1. The entries for the initialization in the BW system are contained in the RSSDLINIT table for the DataSource/source system combination. Compare these with the entries in the ROOSPRMSC table in the OLTP system.

2. If there are NO entries in the RSSDLINIT table in BW, use transaction RSA7 to delete the delta queue for this DataSource/BW application combination in the source system (OLTP). For a DataMart source system, manually delete the entries in the ROOSPRMSC and ROOSPRMSF tables for your DataSource

using transaction SE16 or a native SQL on the database. A DataMart can be identified by the DataSource that starts with '8', and by the fact that you CANNOT find it in RSA7 of the source system.

3. If the RSSDLINIT table in the BW system already contains entries, check the requests listed there in the RNR column in the monitor (transaction RSRQ). Compare these entries with the entries in the

ROOSPRMSF and ROOSPRMSC tables with the INITRNR field. If, in the ROOSPRMSF and ROOSPRMSC tables for

your DataSource source system combination, there are more entries with different INITRNR numbers, use transaction RSA7 in an OLTP source system to delete all entries and then use the RSSM_OLTP_INIT_DELTA_UPDATE report mentioned in the next section. For a DataMart source system, delete the entries that you cannot find in the RSSDLINIT table using the procedure described above.

4. Read also Notes 591382 and 424848. The errors described there also occur if you delete entries using transaction RSA7 in the source system but there is no RFC connection to the BW system. In the source system, there are no more entries in the ROOSPRMSC and ROOSPRMSF tables, but in the BW system, there are still entries in the RSSDLINIT and RSSDLINITSEL tables. Execute the RSSM_OLTP_INIT_DELTA_UPDATE report and then delete all init selections in the 'Scheduler/Init

selections in the source system' menu in the InfoPackage.

5. When you have completed this procedure, you should be able to create a new InfoPackage or open an


You can then open the InfoPackage again.

Check that there are no more entries in the

'Scheduler'/'Initialization options for source system' menu

If you do find some entries, delete them.

You can then start a new initialization.

If, despite the first incorrect init, you want to be able to create a second init with overlapping selections, which means that this dump will then occur, enter a detailed description of your

procedure in a customer message and send it to Development. SAP has never been able to reproduce this

behavior, therefore, a great deal of testing and the option to debug in your system would be required.


Execute the FM "RSS1_QUEUE_DELETED_IN_OLTP", by giving OLTP source & logical system.

In RSSDLINIT table in BI entry for this datasource ROOSPRMSC table in OLTP.


Anand Tej.

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Check this if it helps:

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it looks like someone deleted the delta queue in your source system related to that datasource without taking care about the init request in bw. You need to delete that init request before it will work again.



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in addition, check table rssdlinit. There you will find the requests for your datasource.


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Thanks Siggi.. Delta Ques has been deleted in Source system...

I am able to solve the issue..

Thanks you for the response..



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I am also facing the same error can you please let me know how did you slove the problem.

thanks in advance


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I am unable to open the Infopackage as it throws the 'MESSAGE_TYPE_X' short dump. The datasource is pulling data from BW into BW (same system). I checked the following tables -

RSSDLINIT & RSSDLINITSEL - Contain an entry for my datasource

ROOSPRMSC & ROOSPRMSF - DO NOT have any entry for mydatasource.

Would it help if I delete the entries in RSSDLINIT & RSSDLINITSEL? Would I be able to create a new info package or open the exisiting infopackage and set up another init load?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.