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Getting error while calling SDCCN from solution manager

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Dear all,

I just installed solution manager 7.1 SP08 to replace the old one. I have completed system preparation, basic configuration and managed
system configuration. Since I am running ECC 5.0 and SAP_basis SP less than 20, I have to manually implemented SSO and activate SDCCN.

In solution manager, Transaction code: SMSY -> select server tab -> environment -> Solution Manager operations -> Adminstration SDCCN. I
did a check on PRD and I get green light. However, when I click on the execute icon to call SDCCN for PRD, I am getting the following error:

Error in system PRD (see long text for details)

Message no. SOLAR_EN158

When using RFC destination SM_PRDCLNT230_TMW, the following message has been returned from system PRD: Screen output without connection to user.

In ECC PRD system, I find 3 short dumps right after I called SDCCN from solution manager

Two of them are
Date and Time 05/16/2013 13:32:33

No authorization to log on as a trusted system (Trusted RC=1).

and one of them is

Date and Time 05/16/2013 13:32:34

Screen output without connection to user.

What happened?
Error in ABAP application program.

The current ABAP program "/BDL/TASKMANAGER" had to be terminated because one of the statements could not be executed. This is probably due to an error in the ABAP program.

I did connection and authorization test on the RFC - SM_PRDCLNT230_TMW in solution manager and I don’t get any error.

I also check the RFC - SDCCN in ECC PRD using SM_SMCLNT230_BACK that call the solution manager and I have no error either.

I guess the problem is why the Administration SDCCN in solution manager using SM_PRDCLNT230_TMW to call PRD? Could it be a bug? Solman_setup generated all the RFC connection in SM59 and users. I got all green lights for the RFC connections in managed configuration.

Please help.


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better late than never:-)

I had the same problem. In the first mentioned ABAP dump (CALL_FUNCTION_SINGLE_LOGIN_REJ), check the section "How to correct this error".

In my case, I was able to resolved it by assigning and configuration of authorization object S_RFCACL to the user in TRUSTING system (copy the role SAP_RFCACL in PFCG). Now everything works fine

Best regards