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Getting Error while activating the Agreement/B2b scenario in TPM in SAP CPI

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Hello Experts,

I am facing an error while activating the Agreement or B2B scenario in TPM in SAP CPI

Failed to publish Message Implementation Guideline with id 6c63136ddf0e4e18adb5b350458af22c to Partner Directory. Error was : Error executing [PUSH_TO_PD] on service [SAP Integration Advisor]. Response was [Code: 500, Reason : Internal Server Error : ]

I have tried recreating each objects such as Trading Partner, Agreement template, MIGs again but it is giving me the same error. where as i am using the same configuration on other tenant, it is working perfectly fine.

Please provide your thoughts or suggestions on it. It would be helpful.

Thanks in Advance.


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Hello Rajeev,

Your user could be missing this role "AuthGroup_TenantPartnerDirectoryConfigurator" which provides you access to activate the agreement and publish its content into the Partner Directory.

You need to create a role collection in the BTP cockpit for your subaccount and assign this role to it. Once done, you can assign users to that role collection and ideally, this should work.

Doc Link: Configuring User Access | SAP Help Portal

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I was trying to create the Agreement Template, first tine it worked. But I deleted once and after that I am clicking the button, but it is not redirecting it to the template creation page. Please help.