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Getting Average Days Open from Time Tickets are Open

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Hello Everyone,

I am running into an issue trying to get the average time tickets are open during a range of time. What I have the report looking at is all tickets that are closed or opened during a period, calculating the time open, and then creating an average amount of time based on the number of tickets. My problem comes from the sum(Days Between) formula. If I create a table and have the tickets and the days between that information is correct. If I use the sum function for the column it gives me the correct number. The issue comes from the time it calculates without the table. That information is getting a far larger number.

I will list the relevant formulas here for reference:

Calculate Days Open per Ticket:

Measure Name: Days Between

=DaysBetween([Open Date];[Close Date])

Calculate Total Days Open:

Measure Name: Total Days Between

=sum([Days Between])

Count Total Tickets:

Measure Name: Count Tickets

=Count([Request Number])

Calculate Average of Days Open

Measure Name: Average Bays Between

=sum([Total Days Between]/[Count Tickets])

Below is an example of the data shown. I have truncated the information on the Example of Ticket Counted Data for simplicity. The Total Days between should be the same as the Days Between Sum.

What I need to put out is the average number of days that a ticket is open for the range of records chosen. I think the issue may stem from the tickets that are no closed but I am not certain. If anyone has any suggestions I would be very appreciative for hearing them.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Try something like

=Sum(DaysBetween([Open Date];[Close Date])) ForEach([Request Number])


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Thanks Amit. I used that and divided by the number of ticket and I got what I was looking for. I appreciate your assistance.

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