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Get Parameter Values via RESTful webservice

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I would like to know if there's a way to get the list of parameter values via the RESTful webservice on a Crystal Reports 2016 server.

I tried the following GET request:

GET /documents/<docID>/parameters?lovInfo=true/false

However, the server responds with (when using Accept = "application/json")

{ "error_code": "RWS 00005", "message": "Not Found (RWS 00005)"}

What am I missing? Is there something I have to define or specify in the report via the "SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise"?

Also, according to this documentation page: /documents/<documentID>/parameters/<parameterID>?formattedValues=<formattedValues>

When I use 0 as parameterId and true for formattedValues I also receive an RWS 00005 error.
Any help is highly appreciated.

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EDIT: I've added a view on my report with a parameter TYPE. I have defined a list of values PACKAGE_CENTER and CUSTOMER. On a HTTP request to the RESTful webserver I would like to then receive a list of details about that parameter TYPE.

According to this documentation I should expect to get something like (but as said above, I receive an RWS 00005 error):

<parameter optional="false" type="context" dpId="DP1"> 
    <name>Enter TYPE:</name>  
    <answer constrained="true" type="Text"> 
        <info cardinality="Multiple" keepLastValues="true"> 
            <lov partial="false" searchable="true" mandatorySearch="false"> 
                    <value id="2">PACKAGE_CENTER</value>  
                    <value id="1">CUSTOMER</value> 

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I tweaked your tags a bit to get the question to people who know how to answer it. The "SAP Crystal Reports" SDK is for questions about report design. Since Crystal Reports Server (CRS) is a limited version of the BusinessObjects BI Platform, any questions about system administration, scheduling, security, or the SDKs that interact with CRS need to have the appropriate SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform tag in order to the people who are familiar with the system.

Also, it looks like you're using Crystal for Enterprise, which is good because the Crystal RESTful SDK will only work with that version of Crystal - it won't work with "classic" Crystal reports.


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Thanks for tweaking the tags. I'm seriously wondering why the REST endpoint to get parameter values doesn't work. In fact, this is an important features to us, especially since we're displaying these values in a Java client in a choice box where the user should be able to simply select from.

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Looks like getting parameters is not a common thing to do... 🙂