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get Navigation-Path Name from iView

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Hi All

Subject: EP 5 SP5

I got some pages with some iViews in it.

All those pages are more or less the same. Only the text in the iViews changes.

So I use a pattern for the iViews (which is defined in xslt, but this is not the problem here)

On the left side of each iView exists a picture which is the main problem.

This picture should always change to the corresponding navigation title of the page.

(say, work is the page-name, so work has somehow to be read in the iView and finaly

the picture for work is displayed)

So I need the name of the current page, which is displaying the iView.

Does anyone know, how to get the name of the current (and selected) navigation-entry from an iView?

If possible with a code-fragment? I tried something with INode, but parent was only 'portal'

many thanks in advance,


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2 ways.

1. POM, therefore you have to create an explicit parent iview, which calls the child iviews.

2. client side eventing. There is an example in the pdk which should solve your problem (including dynamic changing of pictures. I have also an article about that here on SDN.



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Dear Oliver

Thanks for your answer


I can do that only in an AbstractPortalComponent - iView, not client side.

But then, after creating an iView, I'm already too deep into the structure.

And here is no way (afaik) to identify the active navigation position of the page.

So, I changed to properties, which I define in the iView. It's half-

automaticated, but it works. So problem 'solved'..