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Generic Extractor with Timestamp missing records

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Hi all,

We have the generic delta working on the field USTMP with a safety interval of 3600 secs. when we are running delta loads for newly created records in ECC, we are not missing some records. Could this be because we are trying to test very “quickly”  (i.e running loads multiple times between safety interval? Would it work if we ran loads “outside” this safety interval. Are there any other things I should look at to check why these records are not coming thru in BW? All suggestions/ideas are welcome.

Thanks a lot,


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Answers (2)

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HI Anya,

The possible reason is that no records are being saved in this time interval and thus ready for delta

Hope you know, the mechanism of upper safety limit :

Suppose the timestamp that was read last is 04:00:00. Delta extraction begins at 09:30:00. The safety interval for the upper limit is 3600 seconds. The safety interval for the delta request is: 04:00:00 to 08:30:00. Upon completion of the extraction, the pointer is set to 08:30:00.