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generic extractor debug

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Hi Friends,

Please advise what code should I start looking at when I debug a generic extractor that is based on a view.

I am checking why data is not extracted in rsa3.

Hope to get your advice.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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first to debug the generic extractor....

1. What is it based on ? FM / View ??

2. Check it in RSA3 and in RSA3 you have a debug option

3. If it is a table / view - enable SQL Trace (ST05) and see how many records are being fetched from the table when you run the extractor

4. If it is an infoset query - check the query separately...


hope it helps...

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Dear Arun,

As mentioned, it is a view.

It has the debug function to test. But what I really like to find out is what part of the code to look at to see the selection and why it is no records found.

Hope you can help me.



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