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generic extraction - doubt

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hi gurus,

i want to know what is the difference b/w building a generic extractor using views and using function module. what cannot be achieved using views, can be achieved using function modules.

thanks in advance.


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Hi Anitha,

I have listed some of the major differences between Generic Extractor from <b>VIEW</b> vs <b>Function Module</b>.

1.) With <b>VIEW</b>, absolutely no ABAP knowledge is required. With Function Module, you need to have ABAP expertise.

2.) With <b>VIEW</b>, your data is only bound to what fields the <b>VIEW</b> can offer. With <b>Function Module</b>, you populate a field programatically. Complex program logics can be introduced using Function Module w/c could not be done using a <b>VIEW</b>.

3.) If you are clever enough, you can extend the DELTA Capability of the Extractor using a function module. A <i>GENERIC Extractor</i> is normally bounded by <i>NUMERIC POINTER, TIMESTAMP and CALENDAR DAY</i> as DELTA Indicator. A VIEW is only bounded to this limitation. A Function Module can be programmned in such a way that it can take advantage of ALE Change Pointers as the source of DELTA Indicator (flexibility unmatched by the <b>VIEW</b>)

I hope I have helped you. If I did, please grant points....