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Generic Delta Problem

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HI All,

Q 1:

I created a ZEMP table in R/3






I filled with data 10 records.

RSO2 :

Created Data source -

In Generic Delta :

I selected time stamp option,(shoud we choose only date filed we mention in delta specific field)????

Upper limit is: 300 sec (does it mean new & changed records will be maintained for every 5 minits in the queue? pls make it clear)

Lower limit is: no value

In BW :

I did full load successfully. Init is also success.

I added and changed some records in R/3 table.

but I am trying to Delat load 0 records populated.

Some times i did't get the delta load option in Info pack.

What is the problem?

How can I see delta records? Please explain more clearly..


Q 2


Additive delta: will it summed up records?

Cust001 MAT001 10 EA loaded first

Cust001 MAT001 20 EA changed at source then loaded to ODS

Cust001 MAT001 30 EA will it be correct in Additive delta case?

What values will we get in New / Changed records in ODS ..

Please explain.

Thanks in advance



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Answers (2)

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Thanks for your information.

I did the same. But getting 0 records.

What is the use of Numeric pointer? how we can use it..

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Hi Sri,

A numeric pointer is a field in your table which has a unique ascending values downthe rows, based on which the delta will operate. Add a new field in your table saying S.No. and give a unique ascending number to each new record. In you case, you said you have added 10 records right, add a field and start numbering the existing records from 1 to 10. Base your delta on the numeric pointer and give the S.No field as the delta field. Run an init delta to get these 10 records. Go back to the table and add 2 more records and number them 11 and 12. This time you should see the delta option in your infopackage, when you run a delta load it should bring in records 11 and 12.

This is how a delta based on a numerica delta works.

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Hope it helps...

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Hi Sri,

One needs to have time stamp field format yyyymmddhhmmss format in the table to make generic data extractor to do extraction multiple times a day . and in that case upper limit 300 sec will states that you will get data till last 5 minutes.

In your case i think doj has been selected and 300 as upper limit so in that case unless system finds diff. of 300 units it wont fetch any delta.

Hope that helps.


Mr Kapadia

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