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Generic delta data source

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Hi all

I've a problem during the generation of a data source for delta updating.

After reading the document How to ...create generic delta, release 3.0b when I want to decide

which is the field to choose inside the tab "Delta specific field" pag 3, inside the check box "Field Nm"I found the name :"AEDRT".

The problem is that this field is contained in another table different from the one that I want to charge so i should create a view on this new table to include this one.Do you know a field that I can use in spite of AEDRT to make possible to charge the changes that may happen on a specific record, or the field AEDRT is the only one that i have to use?


best regards

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Creating a datasource on a table does not affect the table in any way and neither does if affect any other table that might be having the same field. Is this your question?

You can use AEDRT. You can also use any other field as long it gets a higher value value from its earlier one when you change the record.

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