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generic datasource creation error

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Hello BW Experts,

I have a table in BW tab1, it has a field for amount, data type currency, reference table /BI0/I0CURRENCY, reference field CURRENCY.

trying to generate a datasource for this table. Get an error message saying that amount field refers to another table. so invalid extract structure. it suggests creating a view of the tab1 and /BI0/I0CURRENCY and then create a datasource on that view.

i am not sure how to proceed with this. is there any alternate solutions for this. if not how to create a view between these two tables.

Please suggest.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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It is because the currency field is a unit - this is normal

In R3 you normally have to join WAERS via T001

If you are creating an internal BW datasource then via RSO2 then the followign applies.

Go into SE11 on BW and create a view between your table and /BI0/SCURRENCY

Join them via..


Activate and that's it

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Create a view of your table and the reference table. Select the currency field from the reference table as part of your view fields

As part of your key make sure you choose MANDT else you may get inconsistencies in the number of records

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