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Generate JSON string using Groovy UDF in SAP CPI Mapping

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Hi Guys,

I am struggling to write a UDF in CPI mapping. My requirement is to get the 3 fields from source xml , combine them in a json string and pass it to the target xml field in JSON

The source xml is as below


these fields have to pass as JSON string into customrole_info field

[{“OrgUnit”: “<department1>”, “JobCode”: “<role1>”, “JobTitle”: “<title1>”, }, {“OrgUnit”: “<department2>”, “JobCode”: “<role2>”, “JobTitle”: “<title2>”, }]

Target xml is ,


any input is much appriciated.



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Hi Vijay

What have you tried so far? And in what way didn't it work?



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Hello Vijay,

I tried to answer this as per my understanding, please find the code for groovy script UDF(xmlTojson.groovy) below:

import groovy.json.JsonBuilder

def void xmlTojson(String[] department, String[] role, String[] title, Output output, MappingContext context){
    def json = []
    for(int i = 0; i < department.length; i++){
        String departmentStr = department[i]
        String roleStr = role[i]
        String titleStr = title[i]
        json.add([ OrgUnit : { departmentStr }, JobCode : { roleStr }, JobTitle : { titleStr } ])
    JsonBuilder builder = new JsonBuilder()
        json.collect { 
                OrgUnit: it.OrgUnit(), 
                JobCode: it.JobCode(), 
                JobTitle: it.JobTitle() 


Here is the mapping that I used:

I assumed that n number of the source fields should all be aggregated and mapped to a single target, if that is not the case then you'll have to change the occurrence of the target as for me it's 0..1 and along with that make sure you handle the context of source fields accordingly.

Here is the display queue for the test data I used

Here is the test data I used:

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