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Hello Experts,

I got a ''data role'' with the following responsibilities..Could someome please help me in understanding these..

>Verifying DOMDs.

  • What does DOMD's Mean?? I searched in the Net but could not be able to crack it..

> Write DS for the BODS team.

  • Does DS means - Data services?? If yes, then is there any URL which says how to create DS??

>Produce all pre and post verification reports,

  • What does verification reports do and is there any URL which says how to create them??

Please help me

Kind Regards


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Answers (1)

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- I think DOMD is Document Object Model document, have a look at

- DS does most likely mean Data Services, but Data Services development is not commonly referred to as 'write DS', so you should check this with whoever gave you that list, because it could also mean 'Data Specifications'. It it does mean Data Services, then I'm sorry to say you're not going to find a url to tell you how to develop DS jobs, you will need to read the user manuals, do the tutorials and preferably go on a formal training course.

- Sorry, can't help much with the pre and post verification reports, but these could be reports of data pre and post data validation checks, i.e. DAta Quality verification.