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GenAI HUB SDK missing Model


Hello everyone,

We are currently implementing various applications based on the Gen_AI_HUB.
With the latest update of the models in the Generative AI Hub, the following models from Google
have been added:


These models can be created as a configuration and then implemented in SAP AI Launchapd .
After implementation, these are then also available in the Generative AI hub  and can be used as a prompt.


However, the implementation is still missing in the generative-ai-hub-sdk (current version 1.2.2)
I have refactored the library and unfortunately only the following models are currently implemented in the SDK.


    'gpt-35-turbo': OPEN_AI_CHAT_COMPLETION,
    'gpt-35-turbo-16k': OPEN_AI_CHAT_COMPLETION,
    'gpt-4-32k': OPEN_AI_CHAT_COMPLETION,
    'text-embedding-ada-002': OPEN_AI_EMBEDDING,
    'tiiuae--falcon-40b-instruct': OPENSOURCE_COMPLETION


Before I implement my own SDK I wanted to ask if the new models will be implemented in the generative-ai-hub-sdk (by SAP) and if so if there is already a release date for the new version.




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Hi Dom,

Yes, the Google models will be supported in the next release of generative AI Hub SDK. We are currently finalizing the release and it should be ready within the next week.

Hope that helps.

Best regards,

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Hello Christian, thanks for the quick response. I'll wait for the release of the new SDK version and thanks again for developing the SKD. Saves me a lot of work 😉 Greetings Dom
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Hi again,

Unfortunately we ran into some issue due to how the Google SDK is built and had to delay the release of the new generative AI Hub SDK. We are still on it and should be ready within the next two weeks.

Best regards,