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Gather Monitoring statistics

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Hi Folks,

I want to create a report (or a z program) which runs all these below t codes in background and provide the required information as mentioned:

  • run st22 and give no of dumps
  • run sm36 and list all cancelled jobs for a given day
  • run sp01 and provide no of spool created, processed, waiting and error for a given day
  • run db12 and provide backup runtime details
  • run al08 and give no of users for each server
  • run sm37 and list all cancelled/error jobs
  • run scot and register status of all nodes
  • run scot and give no of failed messages
  • run sost and provide no of failed requests
  • run db13 and provide status of update statistics job
  • run se06 and provide status of flags
  • run st06 and provide value of cpu idle time and page memory used
  • run smms and provide status of message server
  • run sm51 and provide status of servers

Currently, we have to do all this manually by running each t-code, however we want to automate this to save our time and efforts on monitoring.

How can we do the same without using external monitoring tool? Looking for the options other than CCMS.

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Answers (1)

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you can generate EWA on regular basis for the system in Solution manager.

it will give you all the information mentioned in tcodes .