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Gateway service WFSERVICE WorkflowTaskCollection Description returning null

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We are experiencing a problem on retrieving the Description of a WorkflowTask (with and without expand).

We use this URL:


In JSON this returns:


In XML this returns:

<link href="WorkflowTaskCollection('<ID>')/Description" rel="" type="application/atom+xml;type=entry" title="Description">

I've been debugging the Gateway side (we are using the Gateway as HUB), and I can see the data of the description getting back to the gateway (method /IWFND/IF_MGW_CORE_RUNTIME~READ_ENTITY of class /IWFND/CL_MGW_RUNT_RCLNT_PRXY).

Somewhere in the final part of converting it seems to go wrong but I did not find it till now. Any ideas?

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