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Functionality in SAP to allow you to print multiple copies of a form

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I've been asked by a SD functional team member how to:

This is the table and field names for Number of Messages functionality in SAP which should allow you to print multiple copies of a form at one time.

Program Name:SAPMV13B

Screen #:0211

Transparent Table: NACH

Field Name: ANZAL

Data Element: NA_ANZAL

How do I go about setting up this functionalilty?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Laurie,

There are three possible ways -

1. Predefined number of copies - You can define number of copies in the print parameters while creating condition record. Ask you functional team member how they are setting up condition records. You have an option to setup print parameters on condition record screen. This is the only option if you are using output determination.

2. If you have an isolated print program then you can choose to let user enter print parameters by using parameter " DIALOG = ' ' " in "open_form".

3. If you have an isolated print program and do not want to let user control other print parameters you can take input from user ( or hard code ) number of copies and use that in parameter " OPTIONS " in "open_form".



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